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Version 3.4 Released!
Well, hey there! This is just a notice that CCTT Reader v3.4 is now rolling out on Google Play and Amazon App stores.
This is the first release in almost a year that we've done for Amazon devices and we believe that this one works phenomenally well on Fire Tablets, and other devices with the Amazon app store.
In other CCTT Reader news, we are going to be making the code Open-Source before we release v3.4.1 or 3.5. We will probably wait until 3.5 since we have a couple of changes that we want to make and we can also have a disclosure for open source. We can't wait to see what other developers have in mind for our app.
If you notice any bugs or broken features, by all means, open up a thread and I'll look in to it ASAP!

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Version 3.4 Released! - by ChaneyG_NTG - 02-24-2021, 12:37 PM

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